“The View” Reacts: Oscars Political Speeches – WATCH VIDEO


“The View” co-hosts on Monday reacted to the political speeches at the 2017 Oscars. Check out the video below.

As Gossip Cop reported, from host Jimmy Kimmel to presenter Gael Garcia Bernal, a number of people made political speeches or passing comments during Sunday’s Academy Awards. But though “The Viewdebatedpolitics mixing with award shows”   last week, the Oscar ceremony didn’t end up being as heavy-handed as some expected. In fact, Whoopi Goldberg said people “freaked out” in advance for no reason.

“I think everybody at the Oscars said, ‘Oh wait, this is about the movies and what we’re doing. Forget about him,” Goldberg said. The “him,” of course, is President Donald Trump. Joy Behar noted that there was only political moments “here and there,” and Goldberg said of Jimmy Kimmel, “You expect it from the host.”

Indeed, the talk show put together a highlight reel of some of Kimmel’s Trump-focused quips. The panel, though, wondered if the president actually watched the awards show. Although his press secretary previously said he would not be watching it, Sara Haines now cracked, “He probably had 10 screens up.” And Goldberg pointed out some winners couldn’t attend the ceremony precisely because of Trump’s politics. Watch below.






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