Miss World Ndani Ya Skendo, Yaingizwa Mkenge Na Miss Kenya Aliyewasilisha Mradi Uliofanywa Na Miss Tz Yaifuta Video YouTube..

Miss World imeingia kwenye skendo nzito. Ni baada ya kuingizwa mkenge na Miss Kenya, 2016, Evelyn Njambi aliyewasilisha video ya masuala ya ukeketaji kwaajili ya shindano la Beauty With Purpose na kushinda huku akitumia video ya Miss Tanzania, Diana Edward.

Miss World walikuwa wameiweka video hiyo Youtube na sasa wameifuta baada ya Diana kulalamika siku mbili zilizopita kuwa ameibiwa kazi yake.

Screenshot ya video za Youtube. Kushoto ni video ya Diana Edward ya documentary yake ya masuaa ya ukeketaji. Na kulia ni video iliyowekwa kwenye channel ya Youtube ya Miss World kama presentation ya Miss Kenya ya Beauty With Purpose ambayo ilishinda. Video hiyo imefutwa tayari

“Ama hakika mwisho wa Ubaya huwa ni aibu inakuwaje nakuta footage zangu kwenye Documentary yangu zimewekwa kwenye hiyo Documentary bofya link kwenye Bio yangu angalia mwanzo mpaka mwisho,na kisha ingia youtube tafuta documentary yangu kwa jina la Diana Edward angalia mwanzo mpaka mwisho Kisha linganisha,” aliandika Diana.

Aibu yao: Miss World wamelazimika kuiondoa video hiyo Youtube

“Mara ya kwanza ya kwangu ilikuwa published tarehe 18 October 2016 na ikarudiwa tarehe 24 November 2016 na hiyo nyingine yenye materials zangu imekuwa published tarehe 31 January 2017.”

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Diane alionesha kwenye Instagram video mbili, yake na ile Miss World iliweka kwenye Youtube ikisema ni ya Miss Kenya, na kila kitu kinafanana. Tazama screeshots zingine hizi:

Baada ya Diana kulalamika, Watanzania wameivamia page ya Instagram na kuinyenyesha mvua ya malalamiko kudai Miss Tanzania apewe haki yake.

Hizi ni baadhi ya comments:

vickyy_155: Miss world pageants we need justice…..@evelyn_njambi can’t be miss world Africa that woman stole @dianaflave documentary we have prove,,,,something should be done once and for all……we won’t rest until we find justice @missworldoffical @stephdvd @missworldtime @missworldtime @mlalaguna

hollymbelw: We want justice for Diana Edward miss Tanzania beauty with purpose. The tittle you gave to miss Kenya wasn’t fare she stole Diana’s documentary on YouTube kindly acknowledge your team mistake and return the crown to @dianaflave.

darassacmgdaily: But do you guys know that Miss Kenya stole that FGM idea from Miss Tanzania @dianaflave and to make da matter worse you posted on ya You tube channel but you deleted it after knowing that we know da truth!!! Please let this stop!! It should not happen to another person thats total theft we cant even name it as plagiarism!!!

__dream_gal: We need the right to diana, Miss Kenya is a thief, she stole the Miss Tanzania’s documentary idea, So we are here to demand justice for diana (Miss Tanzania). Please #BringBackOurCrown #BringBackDianaCrown.

chakoli_: Mathings clear, we need justice for Diana miss Tanzania, miss kenya she is a liar, thief, she stole diana’s documentary and u guys stay silence how could u do that to her? We need justice otherwise we will never trust missworld again..

kudra_mitindo_stylist: Justice for@dianaflave, Miss Kenya plagiarized content of BWP from Miss Tanzania??. And you didn’t question the resemblance of the documentary why? Why? You should ask both what happened….@evelyn_njambi have to return the crown

fashion_world5t: Justice for miss Tanzania @dianaflave , this is totally madness how can you let miss Kenya present what wasn’t hers n you didn’t even bother to investigate when miss Tanzania reported, we want our miss to be recognised as a rightfully owner of what miss Kenya presented as beauty with purpose project

lebeauty_madamboss: Miss World why you stole miss Tanzania Videos on Youtube and make dublicate it to Miss Kenya?? This is not fair

mama_ninoo: And why deleting the video on your channel? You knew everything huh?

gloriamosha: Justice needs to be done Miss Tanzania documentary was stolen by Miss Kenya

mimi_zuu: Miss world (my English will be alittle bit broken) can you do justice for our Miss Tanzania because she had these #masaidondoshawembe project but what was done it was Miss kenya took advantage of her and took her project, kindly please do something about this!! Because the girl from Kenya what she was like cheating!! Making Miss Tanzania down, what she did was not fear please do something about this?????

world_peace_advocacy: We can’t believe that a world organization like yours can engage itself into corruption of any kind, or injustice to this extent, you had a means to find out that miss Kenya plagiarized miss Tanzania’s documentary but maybe because something ain’t right in there, because miss world is smelling corruption, then you accepted the duplicate!!!! Shame on you

kwachu11: Disappointment. Huge Disappointment… Plagiarism is a crime.. Diana deserves better

pinklips_cream_seller: sMiss world organizers are disgusting, bunch of idiots who got fooled by miss kenya or myb she did not fool u ,u a just a bunch of corrupted idiots

chicnatty_golden: If you guys won’t work on this complaints,you’ll only prove how much of corruptive your organisation is.I just don’t understand how you could not see the relevance of the two documentaries..? Am sorry but I cant help but feel that this was an intended action.and God knows how many girls out there have been denied their crowns because of your deliberate doings. SOLVE THIS @missworld

tambarabovu: JUSTICE FOR MISS TANZANIA,SHAME ON YOU@missworld ,miss kenya the so called miss Africa somehow lied to your imbecile judges or rather bribed them and stole Miss Tanzania beauty with purpose’s entry

jerrytary: This can’t be serious… The reputation of this institution Is damaged…@missworld we need justice for miss Tanzania @dianaflave

iness_de_materego: Justice for Miss Tanzania @dianaflave shame shame shame on you @missworld
hottestmariamstop damaging ur image jus do what is right we need justice for miss Tanzania,we need justice for our@dianaflave

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